The Master Key Experience Week 15

In scroll IV Og says, “Within me burns a flame… and its heat is a constant irritation to my spirit to become better than I am.”

A flame has sprung to life inside unlike any I’ve ever experienced. I’ve finally found the desire to seek to be better than I am, or ever have been.

He also says, “my skills, my mind, my heart, my body will stagnate, rot, and die unless I put them to good use.”

I realized a year ago that even though I had retired, there was no reason to be ‘done.’ Rather than stagnate and worse, I had an opportunity to pursue that offered growth and accomplishment beyond anything I’d ever allowed myself to imagine.

My fire to be better and put myself to good use is wrapped together with efforts to build a network marketing business.

I am both blessed and challenged. My realizations are inspiring, but they’re not enough. There remains an obstacle to remove — call it ‘undesirable conditions.’

My undesirable condition in this context has to do with a predisposition toward negative expectations of people. This expectation is reinforced by experience time and time again in the business of network marketing.

I have been struggling with how to turn the corner on this issue for a long time. Too often, It’s the topic of conversation between myself and others.

As he has so many times, Haanel tells it like it is in Question 7 this week. Thinking, discussing, and visualizing conditions of lack, limitation, disease, inharmony, and discord of every kind brings about undesirable conditions. The pictures in our minds are taken up by the subconscious and crystallized into experiences by the Law of Attraction. We reap what we sow.

The exercise this week is to dig into insight. During my sit yesterday, I did so for a time then asked how I might have better results.

“It starts with you” is all I heard. Truly, my only defense is to put less attention on those negative expectations. I need to direct my thoughts and conversations elsewhere.

I have a few hundred index cards on my desk that will help with that.

10 thoughts on “The Master Key Experience Week 15”

  1. I still think you must have majored in philosophy! Profound. On target. Surprisingly my greatest obstacle is talking to people – I had way too many walls up for way to long. Cool how uplifting being honest is, isn’t it?!

  2. Wow, Randy, I can identify and empathize with what you have expressed here. With grace, insight and focus on our new lives, we WILL prevail!

  3. Ah yes, Randy. “It starts with you.” I have heard that many times, in answer to questions I take into my sit. It frees me to know I have only to work on me, to my very best, and keep my promises. And DO IT NOW!!! As always, thank you, Randy, for your transparency!!!

  4. Great noticing of what you might have been doing! I have no doubt you will turn around your negative expectations. It all starts with you is sage advice. Your cards and your internal world and your sits… I have no doubt you will absorb the wisdom in that and gather the essentials for further growth. Thank you!!!! Peace, love and harmony.

  5. Randy ,
    I can see you in the near future flipping cards , using the mental diet , having visions of bears hugging kettles , and using the law of dual thought and substitution to deal with all the negative thinking people in your universe !

  6. Happy 2020,
    I hope you have a fabulous TRIP around the Sun.
    I am so glad for your last 11 1/2 weeks of MKE. Hope you find the TRUTH in the Franklin Makeover, and creating for yourself a Journey to look forward to every minute of your life.
    SOOO Glad you posted Week 15. Isn’t this MKE amazing. Yes, It is difficult and challenging…but each requirement is for your benefit. If you don’t do it, it’s like leaving food on the table, or worse $$$ thrown in the garbage. Yesterday is gone. the Past is over…. can’t do anything about it….just proceed forward and into the future, and fully taking the present time, present moment, present energy to FULL ADVANTAGE.
    Also, if you do recap the Weekly blogs, it will only bring joy for the subby and remove more cement. (MKE language).

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