The Master Key Experience Week 11

Whew. I think Haanel caused a perturbation in the orbit of my mind this week! Even with an electronic dictionary at hand, the first half of the lesson was pretty lofty. It was almost like Emerson wrote it.

It wasn’t until paragraph 17 that I understood something well enough to highlight it. In retrospect I was on to something — it turned out to be the essence of the exercise this week.

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” The words of Jesus, just not in the style of Ol’ King James.

I came to Christ in the mid ‘70s. I mentioned my struggle with prayer in a blog a few weeks ago. I have a perspective or two on the whole issue from where I stand today. For one, I doubt I ever uttered a word in prayer that wasn’t focused on a problem, and there were plenty of those at times. For another, my level of belief was weak at best. Jesus goes on in the next verse and links prayer with forgiveness, so there’s that, too.

I hope to write a blog, rather than a ‘ramble’. I don’t know if I can wade through my thoughts concisely, but something hit me as I sat with that scripture this week. We hear a lot about ‘linking’ in the MKE. Well, I’ve linked a few things.

Mark 11:24…

It hit me that in so many ways, my DMP IS my prayer.

The Seven Laws of the Mind

My DMP is lofty and therefore challenging. These are my tools to strengthen the ‘Guardian At The Gate’.

Visualize our new reality as a service to others…

This was the entry on our service card in Week 9, I believe. The abundance of my DMP will spread to others in many ways and I intend to continue the practice of visualizing it that way.

Earnest desire, confident expectation and firm demand…

These come full circle back to Mark 11:24 and the prayer of my DMP.

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