The Master Key Experience Week 10

I have to say that Haanel’s exercises in the Master Key System — the ‘Sits’ in Master Key Experience vernacular — certainly provide their challenges. The first week was easy enough — I don’t find it that hard to sit still — but since then has been another story. Each week, from clearing my mind of all thought to ‘deconstructing’ a battleship and going so far back that the iron ore is still in the ground, makes my old brain work in ways it’s not used to.

This week asks that we stare at a blank wall and construct an image, as though it’s painted there. Step one is to draw a black line about 6 inches long. I thought I had it once — it turned out to be a floater. Any of you with a few decades under your belt will know of what I speak. Anyway, I understand that some can actually see the image — way to go LJ — but the best I can do so far is build the image in my imagination. It sort of reminds me of those funny looking posters back in the ’80s or ’90s that if you looked at them just right you’d see a 3-D image appear. I never quite got the technique.

As I reflect on Week 9, this is of particular note.

At 13, Frederick Elias Andrews was a ‘little, crooked, twisted cripple — going about on his hands and knees.’ According to the doctors, there was no chance for his survival.

According to the doctors.

Frederick would fight, ‘as long as there was a breath of life to fight for.’

His weapon? These words — ‘I am whole, healthy, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.’ They were on his lips constantly, until he ‘could wake up in the night and find himself repeating ‘I am whole, healthy …’

Frederick grew to be a ‘strong, straight, well-formed man.’

In his story, he emphasizes ‘whatever you desire for yourself, affirm it for others, and it will help you both.’

Added to our ‘service cards’ last week were Frederick’s affirmation, and a promise to visualize our new reality as a service to others.

David and Danna, I promise to do both for you.

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