Master Key Experience Week 9

My mind is swirling with ideas that could work their way into this blog, but getting them to gel together in some logical fashion is another matter. My thought processes tend to follow rabbit trails. When I arrive at a destination, I wonder how I got there, and what started it all.

But your final reward will be heartache and tears,
If you’ve cheated the guy in the glass.

So ends the poem Guy In The Glass by Dale Wimbrow.

As I read those words the other night, it hit me — how many ways and for how long have I cheated that guy because of erroneous beliefs I’ve held about myself.

Taken to another level, how do I cheat — or dishonor — God if I only get so far as to ‘see in the mirror dimly’? That is, if I fail to fully understand, explore, and exercise the marvelous gift of being an expression of Infinite Intelligence.

I can no longer cheat either one by embracing self-imposed limits. But how is this done?

…I have clearly written down a description of my Definite Chief Aim in life and I never stop trying until I shall have developed sufficient self-confidence for its attainment.

There are several points in this statement from Napoleon Hill’s treatise on Self Confidence, but the light fell on four specific words this week. I’ve believed such a trait was either a natural gift or the fortune of being born into supportive environmental circumstances.  The words ‘I shall have developed’ proves I was wrong on both counts.

Now that my chief aim — in the form of my DMP — is clearly written and after 10 iterations approved, I put the rest in play.

… I never stop trying …

I have promised to imagine the ideals from which my future emerges and hold those thoughts firmly. Reminders of those ideals are all around me — in many different forms. I drink them in and am nourished.

… developed sufficient self-confidence …

Confidence lies in Truth — in Universal Law. One of those is the Law of Growth. What we think about grows and what we forget about atrophies. More and more I see my thoughts transform.

… for its attainment.

As surely as a plant springs from seed, my inmost thoughts will find expression in experience. I am excited to see my DMP begin to manifest — not only for me, but for the benefit of others.


Last night as I was going to sleep I was thinking about my DMP and ‘moving closer to the Power Within’. I had the thought that it would be good to pray more, but immediately reminded myself how difficult I’ve found prayer to be. To which I heard-

‘just talk to me’.

My next thought was that I always felt like I was talking to myself.

‘You kinda are’.

We both laughed at that. 

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