Master Key Experience – Week 8

I have to say, life is different. I am different.

Have I arrived? Nope. But there is no such thing. This is life now, and I can see that after eight weeks of living with the Master Key Experience I’m breaking free.

I used to be a motorcycle safety instructor for the Idaho STAR program. We introduced the physical principles of riding in the classroom. Then, on the range, we would add one skill to the next and practice them over, and over, and over. There isn’t a student of the course who can’t still hear their coach holler ‘turn your head, turn your head!”

On a motorcycle, a lack of cornering is a big problem. You HAVE to look through the corner to where you want to go and keep pressing on the handgrip — no matter how scary it gets! Freak out, look out of the corner and release your press — it’s all over.

I see a correlation.

The MKE is helping me “turn my head!” Now, I’m truly looking where I want to go, not just wanting to go there and unaware I’m looking somewhere else. Each week we add to the one before and build our skill through repetition day by day.

I’ll mention the recording assignment from week 7.

I guess you’d have to know how I am, but to just speak into my phone with music in the background would never do! I spent half a day searching for and recording songs directly from my laptop into a digital recorder, which I would then import from the SD card into multi-track editing software. Simple. For the life of me, my computer wasn’t seeing the card. It worked fine two days ago. I tried everything I could think of for most of the afternoon — except for call the MAC store to inquire about the error messages I’d never seen before that kept popping up. I was sure it must be the card reader, so off I go to the office supply store for a new one. Just in case, I took mine along and it worked just fine on their computers. What! Back home I go and THEN call the MAC store and see if they can figure it out. They did. I gave them a hundred bucks, they gave me a fancy new dongle.

The next day, I’m ‘cookin’ with gas’ now! All the music is imported — way more than I need, so I selected 4 of the songs and proceeded to record my dialogue. Distortion! Argh! Where is the distortion coming from!? Ah, it must be the input sensitivity is too high, so I re-recorded everything 5 or 6 times. Less so, but each time I still hear occasional distortion. By now it’s been nearly two days and I’m frustrated. My 7-day diet is blown big time. Do I push through or set it aside for another day?

Then it hit me. The problem is every time I say ‘promise’. The ‘PUH’ sound created a blast of air that hit the mic’s — like what happens in the wind. Ah, problem solved and project complete!

Maybe I should have taken it to a sit.

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  1. I am really enjoying reading about your experiences. Well done for sorting out your sound problem, it is magical listening to your own voice. Looking forward to next week’s post 😁

  2. Thank you for Sharing your struggle .
    I have had issues recording with the computer music in the background and talking into my iPad
    Your persistence is marvelous and admirable .

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