Master Key Experience Week 7

I’m sure glad Tom Petty joined us on this little blue marble for his lifetime! His music is going as I write my blog today. I hope he’s pleased.

I’m surprised every week that another has passed, and wonder if I’m assimilating everything as I build upon a new way of being day by day. I must be, as I sense that I’m a little more toward ‘neutral’ about some things these days. Not so long ago, I was anything but.

Speaking of — there’s a new quest this week in addition to no opinions. That is to go on a ‘Seven Day Mental Diet’. Seven days. No negative thoughts.

I’m wondering — was this a typo? Maybe they meant seven minutes! (wink, wink)

If I thought opinions were sneaky, they got nothin’ on negative thoughts! Any such thought lasting 7 seconds requires starting the diet over. This could take awhile!

Hang on — gotta turn this one UP!

Where was I — oh, no negative thoughts. What makes me wonder is when my mind ‘freewheels’. What am I thinking that’s negative and I’m really not aware of it. Maybe all I can do is deal with what I’m aware of.

There have been serendipitous happenings over the last few weeks. I don’t claim they have anything to do with my ‘powers of manifestation’ such as they are, but they’re interesting nonetheless.

For one, I have a thing for fast, sexy machines. There was a reference in my DMP about the experience of driving Porsches on a racetrack. In the interest of word-count, the desire is no longer in my DMP, but it remains in my soul. Lo and behold, they’ve broken ground on a racing venue near me that will have a 1.2 mile road course. My son is rebuilding a 911. Wahoo!

Speaking of my DMP, after 8 versions I think it’s pretty close, but I’ll do more if I need to! It contains a number of income goals over the next several years. Part of me wondered if they were realistic, but after a company conference last weekend and hearing of the additions to the product line and pay plan, they totally are! How awesome!

By default you make connections with people at these events, but I sure didn’t expect this! After a brief conversation with one of the founders — and owners — of the company, he asked if I had his cell number. WHAAT!? Stu wants me to have his cell number?! I took it. Carrie thought I was joking.

It turned out I made a few other high level connections. It’s doubtful I’ll call just to say hi, but I’m sure curious as to what it means in the grand scheme of things!

0 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 7”

  1. Outstanding Randy ! The subby is in action .. money is flowing from many steams for you . Im guessing the Porsche 911 is on your dream board . I have always wanted to have a “toy”
    What song were you listening to from Tom Petty and what’s your favorite one ?

    1. I’ve drooled over Porsches for years, and yes, the car my son is doing is on a vision board I did a year ago — maybe I’ll do one of my own someday. In case he sells it, I can still take my Miata to the track. Petty’s song was ‘I Should Have Known It’, off of the album ‘MOJO’. I like too much of his work to pick a favorite! So sad he passed.

  2. I LOVE it when the Universe places those inexplicables in front of us like that. Blows my mind sometimes, how blatant and obvious they can be when we just open our hearts to them. 💚🙏

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