Master Key Experience Week 6

I ended last week’s blog by saying I had ‘no opinion’ whether a writing assignment fit the intent of the assignment or not. I then referred to that statement as an inside joke.

Here’s the backstory. In week 5, we were instructed to only share an opinion if we are an expert in the topic and specifically asked. Otherwise, keep our trap shut and practice being a non-judgmental observer.

Opinions fly freely in this world. I’ve given wing to plenty of my own, believe me. For the most part though, I have enough self control to not verbalize, but the goings-on in my mind is another matter entirely. Ultimately, that is where my battleground lay. I suspect it’s that way for everyone — at least to some degree. Gaining control of the mind is paramount in the Master Key.

But what about the opinions I DO voice? In Part Five, Haanel writes that our mind is largely the result of heredity, but also the countless thousands of impressions that have been received from the world around us. The problem is, we accept most of it with little or no examination or consideration, and the word becomes flesh! I stopped dead in my tracks when I read “Much has been received from others, the result of OPINIONS…”

Wow. How many times have my opinions affected others in ways I was clueless to? How many times have I added ‘concrete’ to someone?

My routines will be challenged this week as I leave town for four days to attend a company conference, but I’m committed to keeping up with my exercises and doing what needs to be done before I leave.

One of the bigger projects was to decorate my house with evidence of that which I’m drilling into my subconscious. Colored shapes are readily in view that contain goals and dates. A new vision board is in process, but largely finished. All of these things are consistent with my Definite Major Purpose Document and keep sending ‘Ol’ Subby’ the message that he has work to do.

I’m told he never tires!

4 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 6”

  1. 40 million synaptic connections working 24/7 for YOU!!! You have so got this, Randy!!! What a great reminder that my opinion layers cement on someone else. Wow!!! Thanks for your thought-filled blog!

  2. Awesome job Randy ! Good luck and have fun on your trip . It’s crazy that what we say and do affects others and vice – versa . I also liked the statement about layering cement on others . I look forward to hearing more next week

  3. Hey Randy, love your work mate, you seem to have this blogging gig sorted out, Its amazing how how we see things differently once we are made aware of them. Opinions ….and how I am being very aware of trying NOT to have or verbalize any, but its also as you wrote, the opinions we hear others have and many people have many opinions. Avoiding them is somewhat of a challenge but as long as we don’t entertain them in thought.
    Keep up with the great job

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