Master Key Experience Week 5

~~~~ There’s a wide horizon, go on now take a chance ~ Your star is shining it lights a brighter path ~ It’s all there inside you, take one day at a time ~ Reeling, freewheeling, I want to watch you fly ~~~~

I’ve been a fan of music all my life. Typically, my emotional connection to it has been musical rather than lyrical, but the words above — penned by David Gilmour — went straight to the center of my soul.

My routines are different these days, but I still look for opportunities to assume the leather chair in my office — the same used for my sits, by the way — and enjoy a CD and cup of coffee. Early Saturday morning — after reading Og — I decided to do just that. I could hardly believe my ears when I really HEARD those four lines of prose. Honestly, as many times as I’ve listened to that album, I don’t think they ever had an impact. They do now! They perfectly illustrate my life today, including my involvement with the MKE.

Though I’ve been at the Experience nearly 5 weeks already, I have no idea whether I’m still a babe in swaddling clothes, about to stand and take my first step or break into a run. I just continue to do the work rather than let my perception of progress dominate my thoughts.

I tend to feel a bit overwhelmed at the beginning of each new week until I get my feet under me with the new material and exercises. The ‘press release’ writing assignment had me going, I’ll admit. Writing takes me a lot of time and I’m still in the throes of my DMP! How am I going to add an even longer document to my plate? Argh! I appreciate my guide Louise — she soothed my panic.

So, write it I did, and I enjoyed it. Like most guys, I don’t ‘freely feel’ that often. But this was an emotional experience for me, with tears welling up many times.

I have no opinion on whether my ‘press release’ fits the intent of the assignment, or not.

(That’s an inside joke.)

2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 5”

  1. What great lyrics!!! Isn’t it exciting to hear and see things differently….no matter how many times I have heard and seen them before? Authentic eyes and ears because I am discovering the authentic ME!!!
    Peace be the journey!!!!

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