Master Key Experience Week 3

… but I have not the luxury of eternity.

I am absolutely grateful to be doing the Master Keys at age 67, but if I could go back 40 or 50 years and apply it, I would! Nothing like this was on my radar when I was a young man, but what a blessing it would be for every person to have the skills taught here active during their life. Imagine what this world might be!

Two years ago, I had in mind a date by which I would retire, or at least negotiate a sweet part-time schedule with my employer. I had two major considerations to ponder as I approached the big day. The first is probably on most everyone’s mind when they think of retirement — money. My financial guy said I’d be okay. That opinion was comforting, but really, I’d prefer to be more than okay. The second issue was, what would I do with my time? I worried about the psychological impact of being bored. Those two factors made staying in the workforce under different terms appealing.

Alas, 19 months ago along came a home-based business opportunity that appealed to me in every way. So I jumped aboard and I’m not looking back, but I have to say it’s outside my wheelhouse. I will also say the deeper meanings of it all are what makes it so great!

I realized one day that I may be retired, but I’m not done. I’m on a whole new path — learning what I was never taught, discovering that which I’ve never pondered, and exploring ground I’ve never tread. It’s an opportunity for the greatest personal, interpersonal, and financial accomplishments of my life. All of this is why I’m here, learning and blogging about the Master Key Experience.

Week 3 and my DMP — Definite Major Purpose — still has a lot of blue to sort through, but I’ll get it nailed down. I’m recognizing our promises emerging at random times — like, do it now! I’m diligent about our daily honor activities, but I have to keep a checklist handy just to make sure! My chore this week brought with it some consternation and applicable language, but I persevered and celebrate the accomplishment with ENTHOOOOSIASM whenever I see a red circle!

I’m excited for week 4.

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  1. Randy… you are bound to succeed. The enthusiasm I see in you, and I know the drive you have always had, will help you accomplish whatever you set out to do.

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