Master Key Experience Week 22a

One of the SMART goals on my DMP has been ‘manifesting’ over the last couple of weeks!

I can’t point to ‘subby’ going to work for me in some unexplainable way, but realized one day I wanted my goal bad enough to use some of the resources I had stashed away to make the goal happen.

Does it matter which? Either way, I’m enjoying the outcome. I will celebrate it and indulge in a little pride, too.

Plus, it’s been a great diversion. A needed diversion.

“I love my remodeled office on or before 12/31/2020. It is orderly and stylish! I am peaceful and productive there!”

I’ve been reciting those words several times a day for months now. My thought was that income from my business would increase in the coming year such that I could easily dedicate the funds to remodel the room. Admittedly, I didn’t wait to find out.

Carrie and I downsized here in 2015. The house was built in the mid-90’s — the previous owners remodeled it tastefully, but left the bedrooms we use as offices untouched. I spend many hours every day in this room. Nothing about it pleased me — way too crowded with furniture and possessions that truth be told, are of little use. Ugh! That paint has to change.

I referred to this project in my blog last week, in regards to the ‘special knowledge’ possessed by my brother. I asked him to come over and discuss my ideas. He suggested I repurpose two pieces of the furniture — a brilliant idea, I must say. I kept the bookcase and tore apart the entertainment center which gave me two large slabs for my desktops.

It’s been a messy couple of weeks. Not only was my room a disaster, the rest of the house was too. Thanks Carrie, for your patience — bit by bit chaos is becoming order.

The carpet has to go — as soon as possible anyway.

“I love the new Pergo Trenton Oak flooring in my office on or before 12/31/2020!”

It really ties the room together.

4 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 22a”

  1. Wow!!! Congratulations on achieving one of the items on your DMP 9 months early!!! It started with the thought on paper. Repeating daily since then kept it in the forefront – Subby. I am celebrating with you!

  2. Great masterminding in action. So glad for you that you will have a wonderful space to work in. Way to go.

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