Master Key Experience Week 22

The Franklin Makeover was introduced to us 9 weeks ago or so. The practice is to focus on recognizing the expression of a given concept personally and in daily experience. Take kindness for example — it exists all around if one looks for it. A commitment to express kindness builds the trait. Recognition and expression — they build on one another. Thoughts that fire together wire together.

Other than our activities during Kindness Week, I’ve found this particular component to the MKE harder to assimilate than others. I have to admit that as the weeks have passed I’ve been less and less committed to The Makeover.

This week was different. Special Knowledge was the area of focus. It became very clear in an effort to remodel my office and on a fishing trip.

Years ago, my brother developed an interest in woodworking through a number of topical shows on television. He dug in and has developed not only Special Knowledge but the skills to go with it. 

Who would be better to ask about my office? He helped me refine my plan and offered advice on execution. I set out on my own to build the desktop that runs wall to wall across the room. 

Then, Brian came to my aid when I was in over my head. A level of knowledge, skill, and equipment beyond my own was required. No one makes it without a mastermind and a little help from their brother.

I’ve fished most of my life — mostly fly fishing lakes, streams and rivers. A new acquaintance invited another friend and me to go fishing for Kokanee. This was a new experience for me, and an object lesson in Special Knowledge. Not only that, t’s a mystery to me how this knowledge was acquired in the first place!

Bob was a wealth of it. Kokanee is not predatory a species, but they are territorial and strike out of anger. They feed on plankton and are themselves the food of Chinook which populates the fishery.

It’s not just ‘head knowledge’ that’s required to go after Kokanee.

I have no small investment in stuff, but Bob quips that he could feed a Third World Country with what he’s spent on fishing. After this experience, I can see that. Comparatively speaking, my fishing pursuits are pretty simple and ‘low cost’.

The moral of the story is this — pick a thing, anything. We live in a big, wide world and the opportunity to dig in and learn is everywhere. Special Knowledge, experience, and excellence are the prize.

5 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 22”

  1. Hey Randy, Great blog by the way, and ,Like you The Franklin makeover has me hooked on “Enthusiasm” this week and as we all know it’s Mark J’s favorite word, or should I say Expression. You did a great job on your make over with “specialist knowledge”as I seem to know more about fishing that i did and a lot more about the Kokanee.
    Thanks again Randy, keep up the great work.

  2. What a great observation!!! That is some amazing ‘Specialized knowledge’! And all this while, I thought you to be the expert… ARE, from my vantage point! I love you last paragraph! Going for the prize!!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Such a fun read! It was so fun to read about these experiences and passions of yours! It sounds like through pursuing specialized knowledge, you also realized some Small Achievable Perfections! Love your sense of adventure and curiosity!

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