Master Key Experience Week 21

In this lesson, Haanel illustrates the transfer of power from the Universal to the individual by comparing it to a wire. Placing an ordinary wire with one that is charged transfers that charge.

Does it ever!

Reading that description gave me a very clear memory of the International Harvester Weed Chopper we used on the farm when I was a kid.

The funny little box in the barn looked as much like a radio as anything, but instead of a dial and volume knob, it had an orange and green light. Pretty — kinda like Christmas — but instead of playing holiday music or a favorite tune, it packed a punch.

Once a crop was off the field, we would often turn cows out and let them graze on the leftovers. That required some method of keeping the critters within their confines. The Weed Chopper hooked to a strand or two of wire would do the trick. The animals seemed to know what awaited them should they transgress.

My dad — may he rest in peace — had a bit of an ornery streak. One way or another, he always managed to get my brother and I shocked when we were building those fences. I didn’t find it as comical as he did. Touch that wire and WHAM! An instantaneous transfer of electrical energy brought home a vivid lesson — stay away from the wire!

I find fondness and humor in those memories of the farm. They were a fine illustration of Haanel’s point, too.

The Universal Mind is a ‘live wire.’ When my mind makes a connection, it too is energized — ‘receiving all the power that it requires.’

Each day, I make time to take my chair and ‘sit.’ I ‘enter the silence’ in order to deepen and explore my connection — or hook my ordinary wire to that of the Universal, as it were.

In general, my results from the sit seem difficult to quantify, yet I trust they will show themselves in time. However, in one particular ‘sit’, I held the image of energy flowing through the wire running between myself and the universal. With each breath, I drew in the ‘Pranic Energy’ referred to in Week 20. 

Subtle as it was, I believe I could actually feel it. Along with that came the sense that I was recognizing my connection to the world within in a deeper way. Haanel tells us that ‘all power is contingent upon recognition of this world.’

I look forward to recognizing connections that pack the punch of a Weed Chopper.

5 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 21”

  1. Love the live wire connected to Universal Mind. So uplifting and encouraging! I am thankful for your father’s ornery streak and the great visual lesson that imparted through your words.

  2. Wow, you have a real “live” example. That would certainly make the transfer of power or the transfer of energy very real.

  3. Ya I love that comparison of Haanel’s and your illustration too. My rubber boots were no protection when I checked to see if our electric fence was working! 😱But the charge just sits there if you’re not connected!

  4. That’s so cool that you could feel that! And thank you so much for your analogy. I would have no idea what that was and I would think it was a radio! Very cool to learn about. … You must have had an interesting childhood! … Connections that pack the punch of a weed chopper to you!!!! (And to me and to us all!!! ) Great humor too!

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