Master Key Experience Week 20

Every time you think you start a train of causation which will create a condition in strict accordance with the quality of the thought which originated it. Thought which is in harmony with the Universal Mind will result in corresponding conditions. Thought which is discordant will produce corresponding results. You may use thought constructively or destructively, but the immutable law will not allow you to plant a thought of one kind and then reap the fruit of another. You are free to use this marvelous creative power as you will, but you must take the consequences.

Well, it doesn’t get more clear than that, does it? Paragraph 28 of Week 20 leaves little doubt in my mind about the power of thought. Not that there was — it’s been stated in many different ways throughout the book, but this time it hit me between the eyes.

Maybe it was the words ‘Every time.’ EVERY time. Or, ‘train of causation.’ Once a train gets going and the longer they run, the harder they are to stop.

Once again, I wonder how many seconds, minutes, or hours of the day may go by where I don’t realize that I’m thinking in ways that get the train going in the wrong direction. I remember pondering that a lot when the Seven Day Mental Diet was introduced and probably wrote about it then.

To be honest, it’s been a tough three weeks. I managed to keep up with the course work, but to say there was no ‘thought of lack, limitation, or discord’ would be a lie. One might even throw in a dash of disbelief and futility for good measure. Let’s not forget fear, guilt, anger, hurt feelings, and unworthiness either.

As Haanel assures, ‘the thought messengers will carry the summons as readily as any other kind of thought and the result will be just a certain.’

Then, in the thick of it, what should come up in the webinar but the idea of using negatives as tools. The concept was a breath of fresh air, but I will need to draw it in for a while to understand the application part.

Time to go — I have a date to visit the Alliances area and see how others are using their negatives as tools.

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  1. Thanks for the picture of the train it really helps to slam that whole idea into my head. Appreciate your struggles as they mirror mine. Keep on chugging😊

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