Master Key Experience Week 2

There is a verse in the Bible about a man who observes his natural face in the mirror and at once forgets what he looks like when he walks away.

I use this reference loosely, but it has come to mind often over the last week or so as I read the powerful words in The Master Key System. They are very impactful! I resonate with them! I understand them! I want them to take root! But just moments after reading, it’s like they elude me. I can’t recite them. Maybe they’re ‘in there’ — more like a seed yet to sprout. Hopefully as I read them each day through the week, the repetition will be like water. The seed will swell, the taproot emerge, and they’ll begin to grow.

It’s just a few days into Week 2 of The Master Key Experience, and though I wouldn’t say I’m overwhelmed, there is a lot to process. I want to get everything from the class I possibly can and am diligent to do my daily assignments. I hope they too, are inside somewhere, working their magic even though I’m not sure if I see the results yet.

About the assignments. Last week, we were to sit perfectly still for at least 15 minutes. Aside from the involuntary muscle twitch or swallow reflex, I didn’t find it overly difficult. This week is another matter. Not only are we to sit still, we’re to eliminate thought. That’s a good one — my brain is wound up like a cheap watch most of the time. I’m not even sure I know how to make thoughts cease, or recognize when they have. And if there’s a time they may have stopped, I’m thinking about whether they did. Ya know?

Then, there’s the DMP — Definite Major Purpose — I’m writing. This is something that will take weeks to do, with many revisions along the way. Version two came back today. I have to dig deeper. I’m not sure I have that much depth! LOL, sorta.

There was a very interesting experience during the webinar on Sunday. We were identifying our PPN’s — Personal Pivotal Needs. These are our deepest desires — they are like oxygen for the soul and the ultimate goal is to embed them in our DMP and eventually the subconscious. There are seven of them. We were asked to write them all down, using our non-dominant hand. Once on paper, we were instructed to close our eyes, look upward, and ‘ask’ which two were ‘ours’. After a time, on the count of three, we were to open our eyes, look down and immediately circle two without thinking. I circled the two I had in mind. Hmmmm.

I promised to manifest them.

I always keep my promises.

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  1. I so relate to your mirror reference from the Bible. You would think, after 3 years there would be great retention…NOT! But the habits are what makes the difference. Stay the course, we have only just begun……

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