Master Key Experience Week 17HJ

Congratulations were extended to those of us on the MKE webinar Sunday. We’ve exhibited the grit to stick it out and do the work. The desire to activate the power of our minds drives us forward into what is still largely unknown. For me anyway.

Haanel and his contemporaries — of what I’ve heard called the New Thought Movement — put forth some ‘heady’ stuff. Often I feel I could spend a week on just one statement — that there is so much depth in each lesson a week isn’t enough.

I joke that in a way I wish it were like reading Dick and Jane — easy to understand. What did Dick do? He ran. So did Jane. And they had a dog named Spot.

Alas, the MKE endeavor wouldn’t mean a lot if it were that simple. There isn’t much mystery or profundity in stories of two little kids and a dog, but it’s where we jumped on the path of reading and comprehension. To make a comparison, Haanel and others wrote primers of the ethereal kind — putting us on the path to understand the mysterious and profound nature of the mind.

I often wonder how fully I’ve come to understand and assimilate the lessons each week. Am I ready for what comes next?

Our congratulations were followed by a challenge. Will we answer the call? Will we step into the Heroes Journey?

That journey is a theme common to all peoples, for all time, and just about every movie ever made. Think Luke Skywalker. Or Jesus. Will I answer?

Uh… I, I think so. Am I ready? I’m kinda scared. Will it hurt?

To be honest, I don’t exactly know what the journey will mean for me. What will I endure, overcome, and become as I emerge? For certain I won’t be involved in a galactic battle or spend 40 days in the wilderness alone, hungry, and harassed by the devil.

Thankfully, I won’t hang on a cross either, but I’d love to fly an X-fighter!

As I look back, I accepted a call to adventure the day it occurred to me that even though I’m retired, I’m not done! A business interest offered me the greatest personal, interpersonal, and financial opportunity of my life. Months later a mentor appeared and I was happy to begin stepping away from my familiar world. There was no reason to stay. I can’t.

See Randy. See Randy jump. See Randy jump into the unknown.

17 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 17HJ”

  1. Randy, This is perhaps my favorite Master Key blog ever read! I love the way you bring dick and Jane to the story and then liken it to you at the conclusion. Fabulous!
    “Often I feel I could spend a week on just one statement — that there is so much depth in each lesson a week isn’t enough.” -I know EXACTLY what you mean here! :o)

  2. The first step into tbe Abyss. Full of EXCITEMENT, fear, and SPECULATION.
    It’s a FANTASTIC journey that we’re all sharing in, with many tails yet to UNFOLD. 🙏💚🌿

    1. Thank you, Louise! It is so odd to be complimented for my blogs — I really appreciate it though. In school, I didn’t care for writing that much — it took effort and I had no reason to think I might have a knack. What will I do post MKE?

      1. Well, some of that falling cement is those school day impressions. Not so for the authentic Randy. “I promise to be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me, noticing nature, kindnesses, smiles, and COMPLIMENTS, which I gladly receive with a ‘thank you'”. Cheers!

  3. LOVE Dick and Jane’s comparison. Can you believe there is a generation or two out there who have no idea what that means? Do you think they may also be missing out on living?

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