Master Key Experience Week 17

Among the many gratitudes I’ve been writing in recent weeks, one was ‘I’m grateful that I don’t have to shovel out the darkness, just turn on the light.’ In fact, my blog for Week 16 was about that very idea.

‘Flip the switch!’ I encouraged.

It’s a simple if not profound concept to keep in mind as one works day by day to modify their way of thinking. It all sounded great — even garnering positive comments from some who read the blog.

Then, Monday morning rolled around.

Like many in the MKE, I have a network marketing business. In fact, it’s the whole reason I’m doing the course — I realize I need to work on myself if I want to accomplish my goals. Both have been the target of my focus — the business for two years and the course for 17 weeks now.

One year ago, I was on a totally different trajectory and felt confident 2020 would dawn brightly. Alas, a bumpy road would lie ahead — bumpy enough to throw many travelers into the ditch. Among the faithful, I hung on tight and looked ahead to a smoother ride. Smooth out it has, but I’ve not yet gained back the ground lost in sales volume.

Monday morning came and with it an empty tank. Through all that happened over the last year, I managed to maintain my rank. All of a sudden, that too was gone. I felt I was back to square one. Emotional energy sapped. Belief at cliff’s edge. Courage cowering in the corner.

Flip the switch! Quick, flip a switch! Any switch!

Too late. Discouragement and his ugly friends were too fast.

Nonetheless, I had MKE commitments to keep. I hardly felt up to any of it. I began reading the Blueprint Builder as I do every day but lacked any enthusiasm to do so. Halfway through paragraph five, the anger struck. And struck hard.

‘Why — add your expletives of choice here — am I moving backward!’ I shouted as I slammed my fists to the desk. Everything I’d given to my business — and this course — felt for naught.

I felt as though I was kidding myself as I moved on to my DMP and other readings for the day, Some of it even felt hypocritical. In the thick of it all, I kept looking for a switch to flip.

Og’s words made their appearance — maybe this is just a lesson in persistence. If the idea is worthy of a scroll, then I should expect to be required to exercise it. In fact, the thousandth step or the final corner may be near. 

Maybe I’m too attached to an outcome or the vehicle I’ve chosen to achieve that outcome. Infinite Intelligence may reveal another method, but until then all I can do is trust that ‘doing the work’ — for the business I’m commited to and the MKE course — will prove itself a worthy effort.

Many thoughts that worked their way to the surface that day are lost to me now, but two made their way to my thickening stacks of index cards.

‘I am grateful that the power I have is not limited to what I see.’

‘Always remember that a difficult and dark day is followed by a bright one!’

And of course,

‘I’m grateful that I don’t have to shovel out the darkness, just turn on the light.’

Even if I have to stretch to reach the switch.

15 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 17”

  1. Awesome post!!! Thank you for sharing! It’s always helpful to see people’s struggles as well and know I’m not alone when I struggle~ Really well-written too. Your last line is perfect. Even when we have to stretch to reach the light switch. The switch is still there. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to reach.

  2. Randy , thank you for your post . It’s not about the pin level . It’s about your journey to change and give to others . You are capable of greatness . I went to meet Mark J in Boston and it was enlightening ! Keep your Faith strong and focus !

  3. Great post, the honesty shine. It can be success around the next corner or it can be further away, but if you persist, I am sure you get there. Remember, you do not judge the travel through life on where you are at the moment, but when you arrive at your destination. Peace be the journey.

  4. Amazing blog! Yes, I know that all too well.
    There are times, when I find myself looking at the past and the future, getting anxious, that I realize I have taken my focus off today – the ONLY thing of which I have control. Sometimes that light switch seems so far away, when, in fact, I just need to stretch my reach – make an effort. Thanks so much for sharing your vulnerability,

  5. I am grateful that the power I have is not limited to what I see.’
    ‘Always remember that a difficult and dark day is followed by a bright one!’
    These are fantastic! Such a testament to your character and the authentic person you are. Love your courage and persistence, so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Glad to see you found the light switch. Hate that the devil likes to make us think he moved it. You are light in a dark place, shine on my friend. You are more than a conquerer, you are a awesome and great miracle. Don’t hide your light but shine extra bright.

      1. Amen. Feed the flame daily, like your saying. It is sure to grow in you and overflow to others. Spreading and making you stronger 💪. Blessings to you and your family and you are being prayed for that your Spirit hears and obeys, in the mighty name of JESUS THE CHRIST. Amen

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