Master Key Experience Week 16

I know I’ve read this recently — or heard it — several times. Haanel? Fox? Nightingale? Since my memory of the idea is better than my memory of its location, I’ll offer this paraphrase: ‘Don’t try to shovel out the darkness, just turn on the light.’

Darkness is a strong word — consider it to mean any thinking contrary to that which is constructive and in harmony with one’s higher good.

I love the picture it paints. The fact is, an attempt to shovel away every negative thought would be a big chore — blistering the hands and requiring diligent focus to catch the thoughts as they come. There is a dangerous subtlety here — we’re still focused on negative thought!

Drop the shovel and flip the light switch!

The beauty is, there is no need to stumble around a dark room looking for the switch. Over the last 15 weeks, we’ve built an arsenal of them and they lie at the ready! By tipping the scales in their favor, in time we cut negativity off at the root.

As a collective, those participating in the MKE are focused on kindness this week — expressing kindnesses to others and recognizing kindnesses expressed.

Flip the switch.

I have several hundred index cards on my desk that I flip through and read to myself several times throughout the day. Written on them are accomplishments, positive character traits, gratitudes and more.

Flip the switch.

Today, I’m a new man, with a new life. I greet this day with love in my heart. I persist until I succeed. I am nature’s greatest miracle.

Flip the switch.

As I write I realize that many of my blogs have had something to do with efforts to change the way I think. To become a ‘better operator’ of my mind. It makes sense I guess — thoughts are the underlying theme in all we’re learning.

Alas, thoughts have not always been my friend. In fact, there have been periods in life where they were an enemy. I’d have done nearly anything to get away — little of what swirled in my mind was positive, constructive, or courageous.

Back then, I didn’t really get it. I didn’t realize there was a switch I could flip. If I’m really honest, maybe I didn’t have the will or courage and I clung to my excuses.

In The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale, he poses a question — why people have not achieved the success at 65 they looked forward to at 21? For 95% of us, something is lost along the way. We don’t think — with the right purpose anyway. The vines of conformity take root and choke away dreams. And to one degree or another, thoughts of fear, desperation, and futility creep in and slowly become our reality.

I see that process clearly in my own life. I let life happen to me — I was more of a passive participant. I didn’t have a clear mental picture of what I wanted life to be, nor did I believe it could be anything other than what it was. Now at 65 plus, I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones.

I flipped the switch.

I’ll keep flipping until every light in the house blazes brightly. All I can see, think, or feel is an unfolding life of my own design.

16 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 16”

  1. Brilliant! (Hahaha). Seriously, excellent post!!!! I’m learning from your writing style. Yes, amazing, it can take a while to really click. Once I fully get it, it’s so much simpler than the cognitive therapy I might have tried years ago as a therapist. No need to take each thought individually and go through lots of effort to figure out how to turn that thought around. It’s really just flipping on the light. When the light is on brightly, it CAN’T be dark at the same time… And, I lovey your writing!!!

  2. Flip the switch! So true! Time to shed light on ourselves, revealing our true and harmonious purpose. How exciting! And all of these people, including me, are on this journey with you – armed with light switches!!!

  3. Love it Randy. When I started listening to The Strangest Secret again it was like turning the big light on, you know the main living room light 😁😎 we are the creators so keep flipping them lights on my friend 😁

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