Master Key Experience Week 14

Harmony has been on my mind, since it’s the topic of our exercise in Part 14 of The Master Key.

I started my day today with a sit, following Haanel’s instructions to ‘…concentrate on Harmony, and when I say concentrate, I mean all that the word implies; concentrate so deeply, so earnestly, that you will be conscious of nothing but Harmony.’

During that 20 minutes, I followed a number of implications about the word — if only I could remember them all now. 

For the three I do remember — of which one led to the next , finding the words to express them well will be another matter, but I’ll try.

Harmony as sameness or symbiosis — the belonging of one thing to another. 

As I sat and the minutes passed, a desire to know my belonging with God — the Creative Power of All That Is — began to spring to life in a way I’ve not felt in a very long time. Suffice to say my powers of expression are insufficient to delve any deeper into the idea in this blog, but I’m excited to see it take shape in my sits to come.

Harmony and Mental Relaxation

Think of it. Harmony in and of itself is a relaxing thing — physically and mentally. How can there be Harmony if there is no relaxation? And as the law states, ‘relaxation of thought is the only way to access Infinite Intelligence.’ In fact, I have very little to add to the equation anyway. As Haanel asks in 13:25, ‘Can the finite advise the infinite?’ And in 12:26 ‘It’s in the silence that you get in touch with the Omnipotent Power…’ I have to say that permission to be silent is a pleasant relief and to carry a sense of Harmony from the sit into my day a blessing.

Comparing Harmony to Discord 

Confession time —I lived that unfortunate comparison this week. Without going into detail about the catalyst, it threw me into a discordant tailspin for 18 hours. Though I managed to honor my MKE readings, cards and other exercises during that time, with much of it I felt like a hypocrite. Harmony and enthusiasm were all but impossible to muster. Distasteful as it is, the old blueprint is still there and ready for any opportunity.

Harmony is way better. Here’s wishing you a Harmonious 2020.

4 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 14”

  1. Beautiful observations! I had not thought of Harmony being a relaxing thing. You are so correct. There is no way of approaching Harmony without being relaxed. Thank you for articulating it for me and linking it to the Law of Relaxation!!! Randy, you are the world’s greatest miracle!!! To HARMONY!!!

  2. Yes, thank you for your thoughts on harmony. I had been struggling with what exactly this means for me as well. (Of course, it’s meaning might be fluid and dynamic for me). Something eventually came to me in a sit that I’m blogging about… And, I’ve definitely had my tailspins! Thanks for sharing!

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