Master Key Experience Week 12

You must first have the knowledge of your power, the courage to dare, and the faith to do.”

As I typed that quote from Haanel, my eyes began to flood and my throat clench. Those physiological responses reflect a deep desire that the truth of those words be fully true and active in my life.

The ideas are simple enough, but they are like a gift — the wrapping is beautiful but until you open the box you can’t experience what’s inside.

For 12 weeks now, I’ve been ‘gaining the knowledge of my power.’ I can explain to my friend how thought is a creative, spiritual activity that links me to Omnipotent Power and ultimate manifestation. And yet, I’m still watching for evidence that the knowledge of my power has moved from my head to my heart and most of all, to my reality.

In some ways, my DMP and movie poster reflect a ‘courage to dare’ I suppose. At least in the sense that I’ve actually made a statement of intent — to draw a line in the sand, so to speak. I have defined and given substance to what I want by moving those desires from mind to paper and persistently hold in them in mind through our exercises and other ways. Yet, I have to believe that Haanel has a much deeper meaning in mind. I wonder in what ways I’ll come to understand them.

And ‘the faith to do.’ Ah, where the rubber hits the road. I’m not exactly faithless, but this is the action step where my feet might hesitate. Haanel stresses that we can predict outcomes with scientific certainty. I look for deeper understanding of that, too.

It strikes me that these ideas feed one another in sort of a circular fashion. A little knowledge feeds the courage to dare, which feeds the faith to do. That doing feeds more knowledge, which feeds more daring and daring feeds more faith.

Around, around and around. I want to ride that merry-go-round!

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