Master Key Experience v2 — Week 2

Thought is energy. Active thought is active energy. Concentrated thought is concentrated energy. Thought focused on a definite purpose becomes power — a power that places us in contact with Omnipotence.


I believe one could focus their attention on the depth of this principle alone for a lifetime. I can’t help but wish I could have put it to work as a younger man, but I am where I am.

There was a period in my early twenties where certain friends and I sought states of being where we pondered ideas of a ‘deeper, metaphysical nature’. Though there were a few books of note floating around back then to aid our curiosity, The Master Key was not one of them. For the better, I was plucked from the dangers of that time by the author of Everlasting Life. Even if I’d known of Haanel, I likely would have set him aside in favor of the book bound in black leather.

Indeed I was Born Again, but part of me feels I got off on the wrong foot. From the start, my faith was covered in a fresh layer of cement that I’d mixed myself. Some came from others. They said things like ‘troubles are because of unconfessed sin.’ Such opinions gave my ‘accuser’ a foothold, even though Jesus was telling me His ‘grace was sufficient’.

In many ways, thoughts and beliefs in the decades to follow concentrated into ruts heading the wrong direction. Mentally speaking, I had bad habits. The worst of which was not understanding that I had a choice in the matter.

If must be a slave to habits, let me be a slave to good habits.


Now, day by day, I voluntarily step forward to serve a new slave master — seeking to live in an active, rather than passive fashion.

I can think. My thought is energy. I have the responsibility to take an active role in what thoughts I entertain. They will seep into my subconscious mind where the connection to the Universal lies.

I concentrate my thoughts on a definite purpose. There is no higher purpose than to concentrate on the deep personal ideals expressed in my DMP. This becomes power, which places me in contact with Omnipotence.

All this strikes me as a cycle where when one is complete another takes its place — over, and over, and over. The Universal Mind expressing life through the individual in ever-expanding and glorious ways.

5 thoughts on “Master Key Experience v2 — Week 2”

  1. You paint a great picture of the power of thoughts, the omnipotent power of the universal mind and that we have choice in our thoughts and our connection, and can form a great habit around connecting with our definite major purpose. Your cement reminded me that I just read Eckhart Tolle saying that original sin is forgetfulness of our connectedness with the whole… with Source. As always, very thoughtful and insightful blog post, thank you!!!

  2. Randy, this was blog is  deep brother! You hit so many points that resonate with me. I found myself listening to a tune at church today, and I said to myself! Wow, I can’t let that into my subby! It’s like knock yourself down two notches, and then you are worthy.  Oh no! Yes you are in control of what goes in the subby. Take charge.,

  3. Randy, good for you that you realize you have the responsibility of taking control of your thoughts. From your blog rover friend.

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