Master Key Experience v2 — Week 18

Old dogs and new tricks.

I looked in the mirror last night and it hit me. Within days I will embark upon the final year of my sixth decade on this spinning blue marble. Oh, were I still a young pup, lucky enough to learn and apply all that we’re taught through the MKE.

Better late than never yes, but there is much to learn and I have less time to do it.

There is a one cup coffee allowance before I get too serious about starting another day. In earlier years however one cup would turn to several. The worst of it was my free-wheeling mental wanderings sought every rut of negativity. 

I thought about all that this morning. The picture of taking the reins came to mind.

We moved to a farm when I was in the fourth grade and a horse came with the deal. That old nag would take off on a dead run and throw me, every time. Until I learned to set the reins, that is. From that point, she was smart enough to change tactics and test my commitment.

I’m learning a new trick — to keep hold of the reins of my mind. No moment is safe to let go — not during my first cup of coffee, a trip to the bathroom in the wee hours, or at any time of the day. The guardian at the gate must be diligent and committed to protecting the subconscious.

Maybe that’s what Haanel means by ‘hard mental labor.’

5 thoughts on “Master Key Experience v2 — Week 18”

  1. Randy, good for you for learning a new trick. This one is very important for your life. From your blog friend John who turns 70 next month.

  2. Great analogy, Randy! Holding on to the reins of my mind is me being a diligent guardsman. Thank you for that! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your journey around the sun… it pales in comparison to your Hero’s Journey! Blessings!

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