Master Key Experience v2 — Week 16

Week 16 of the MKE places a focus on kindness. Expressing kindness is a good thing, but observing it in others is just as powerful. What we look for we find. What we think about grows.

Kindness can also save lives.

We were looking to downsize our house — and mortgage — about six years ago. We were excited to find a basic 3-bedroom built in the mid-90s that had been remodeled and upgraded. The yard was another matter, but I took care of that issue through my desire for creative expression.

Anywhoo, back to saving lives. Some months ago, I noticed that the range hood seemed to be askew. Wouldn’t I have noticed before now? I admit to having the ability to minimize or explain things away. They must have installed it crooked, I figured. I kept putting my avoidance skill to use until the other day.

While whipping up something to feed the critter growling in my belly, I had to admit the problem was getting worse. I pushed up on the low side and for the first time, it moved. No more kidding myself, do it now.

I began by applying my deductive skills to determine how to dismantle everything. The only fasteners I could see were four little screws at the very top of the shroud that covers all the mechanical stuff — way up against the ceiling.

I’m closer in age to an ol’ duffer than a spring chicken. If a project calls for the use of tools and visual acuity, I’m at a disadvantage. I fight back with persistence and salty language.

When I finally got the four screws removed, Humpty fell. I’m grateful that I controlled the fall enough that neither the hood nor the glass range top was broken.

Essentially the main attachment points — anchored in sheetrock alone — had all but failed. With a quick trip to the hardware store, I purchased a more appropriate solution, each one capable of supporting 250 pounds. That should be enough.

After half a day and nothing more than a cut across a fingertip from the sharp edge of sheet metal, I emerged as the victor.

It’s level now and neither Carrie nor I would die from a blow to the head by a falling range hood.

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