Master Key Experience v2 — Week 15

In the Week 15 Study Questions, Haanel asks, ‘How are undesirable conditions brought about?’

‘By thinking, discussing, and visualizing conditions of lack, limitation, disease, inharmony, and discord of every kind.’

My perception is that what Haanel describes is at play everywhere these days. Sadly, people are unaware of the impact their thoughts, discussions, and images of the mind have on their world. It’s too easy to get sucked in and perpetuate discontent.

And as discontent grows, so do the divisions between us. Who hasn’t heard the phrase ‘the house divided against itself cannot stand?’ Winners are few in such a game. 

I do my best to stay above the fray. But over the last few days, I’ve heard enough and seen enough to be gravely concerned about what could lie ahead. Worse, it conflicts with my efforts to control my thoughts and direct them toward MY ideal.

It has come up in various contexts, but a friend and I have often joked about burying our heads in the sand.

Maybe the ostrich is on to something.

2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience v2 — Week 15”

  1. Hi Randy, great contemplation.
    There’s a saying “Be in the world but not of the world”
    I agree with John, our world needs your ideal self.

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