Master Key Experience v2 — Week 13

It’s Christmas morning and my eyes have been flooding. I haven’t done traditional cards for years. Instead, I create a digital one and text it along with a quick note to everyone on my contact list that I consider a friend. I feel extremely grateful for these people.

Gratitude for my friends makes me think of gratitude toward life in general. I learned in a recent MKE webinar of the human predisposition toward a negative bias. For most of my life, that bias was close at hand to put a cloud over all that I could be grateful for. Since my daily exercises include reminding myself to be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me, I’m slowly climbing my way out of a peptide rut.

That’s a good thing because I didn’t see 2020 coming. Under the full influence of a negative bias, the year would have been devastating. So much has happened in my circle it’s ridiculous. The negativity could be having a heyday, but I’m still standing.

I’m grateful for that. And to the MKE for showing me the way.

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