Master Key Experience v2 — Week 12

I’m celebrating the manifestation of something that’s been on my DMP since taking the Master Key Experience last year.

I use one of the bedrooms as my home office/man cave. There was little I liked about the room. My desire for a remodel seemed the perfect SMART Goal. For more than a year, I’d been repeating ‘I love my remodeled office on or before 12/31/2020 three times a day. With feeling, I might add.

It turned out that COVID was the perfect catalyst to start the project. I implemented a principle of the MKE — a mastermind with my brother. I knew he would have valuable insights into how I could carry out my ideas. His suggestion to repurpose the furniture I already had was perfect.

Plain and simple, I had too much stuff, and it meant letting go of things I no longer needed in favor of the pleasure waiting for me when.  Another MKE principle is the sacrifice of what holds you back to get what moves you forward.

I put visualization and my power to think to work and built the wall to wall desktop from the existing furniture as my brother suggested. After that came a fresh coat of paint. For the time being, I was content, but the carpet would have to go.

Two months ago I saw a billboard advertising special prices on flooring. At about the same time, other phrases in my DMP came into play — ‘my creative skills bless me financially’ and ‘the Universe blesses me financially in unexpected ways.’ A few photography projects popped up that would provide most of the cash I’d need.

On a frosty Saturday morning, a gentleman arrived to install my new flooring. For the next several days, I practiced persistence and the mental diet as I removed all old molding and install new.

I love everything about this room now, and thirteen days early too!

4 thoughts on “Master Key Experience v2 — Week 12”

  1. Great remodel Randy! And it must have felt great actually going through the process and experiencing your DMP being manifested right in front of your eyes!

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