Light & Shadow #7

Little League — Circa 1977 Moscow, ID

Look at that face. Does it reflect stern determination or abject fear? ‘Go ahead, bring the heat!’ Or, ‘you mean they’re gonna throw balls at my face?!’

Hanging around a little league game one evening during my first summer as a newspaper photographer, I aimed a long lens at this little guy. Today, in 2020, he’s probably 50 with grown kids of his own! How strange, the perspective photography brings to the passage of time.

Questions inevitably arise whenever I reminisce with my old pictures. Such as, is there a newspaper clipping — yellowed with age — in a scrapbook somewhere to honor his earliest days as a baseball player?

When I was in the 4th grade my family moved from town to a farm, which put me in a rural school and too far removed from sports programs to be practical. I fancied baseball — most of which was played in the front yard with what few neighbor kids there were, or during recess. Occasionally one of the teachers would organize a game with another country school, but none of it was enough to develop competitive skills.

Fast forward to my 40’s and the invitation from one of my clients to join her co-ed softball team. ‘Hey, that sounds like fun!’

Uhh… what happened to my abilities to throw? Or hit? And run?

Apparently, I left them on the playground sometime in 1963.

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  1. That expression looks like determined fear. Something I am trying to develop – recognizing my feeling of fear and being determined to do ‘it’ anyway.
    As I have hear so many times, “Do what others won’t, so you can have what others don’t.”

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