Light & Shadow #6

Outstanding In Their Field — Circa 1988 Canyon County, ID

Being a photographer for a smaller community newspaper meant finding something of interest within the ordinary. Otherwise, the front page would be nothing but a boring field of grey type. News events were rare, which given its calamitous nature — especially these days — was just fine by me.

One of the fascinating things about photography is how elements can come together at a point in time, and just as quickly go on their merry way. Will there be a witness? One could drive by this field every day for a year and it wouldn’t be worth a second look. 

On this dreary winter day, the fog and bare trees were static — even having picture potential on their own. The presence of these draft horses and the fact they weren’t scattered about was the icing on the cake.

Even with all the pieces in place, subtleties from frame to frame make a huge difference and it often boils down to just one out of dozens that feels right.

In the 30-plus pictures from these few minutes of history, I love the positioning of one horse to another. And that each one was looking at me — almost curious — makes it even better.

A print of it hangs on my living room wall to this day.

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