Light & Shadow #41

Too Wet To Ride — Moscow, ID Circa 1977

A rainy day doesn’t bother me too much, as long as I’m on the inside looking out. Under that criteria, I rather enjoy them. But given my propensity to enjoy outdoor activities, weather often plays the role of nemesis. It can be a fickle foe, and one must take what they get or move to plan B.

It was raining felines and canines on this particular day during the Latah County Fair. I had no desire whatever to leave the car, despite my need for a photograph for the next day’s newspaper. Besides, I paid for camera gear myself and wasn’t crazy about it getting wet. As I sat there with rain collecting on the windshield, I thought of the carnival being at a standstill and spotted the idle Ferris Wheel off in the distance.

Once I found a spot to park where the wheel loomed larger, I got my shot for the day and beat the weather at its own game.

For once.

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