Light & Shadow #40

Waiting — Caldwell, ID Circa 1987

Lost in her thoughts, I see an elderly lady living between her memories and the glorious hope of eternal life — treasured pictures on a shelf and the Cross of Christ on the wall.

This picture always brings up the realities of aging to me. Reminiscence brings smiles for good and sighs for the bad. Today is a gift — is it lived as though it were the last? What lies ahead when it comes to the desirable qualities of life?

I can easily place my mother and maternal grandmother within this frame — mom turns 98 this year, and grandma was well into her 90s before she passed. At a point, both lost the independence they loved, and life became a waiting game. “If I’m here for another year … ”

Even though I have a quarter-century to go, a year seems to pass so quickly that 95 isn’t all that far away. As I live the next 25 years — assuming I’m given that many — I’ll do my best to focus on my faith in God, gratitude for His many blessings, and living my best life in appreciation.

One day all too soon, it could be me — sitting quietly between memories and the glorious hope.

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