Light & Shadow #39

Music Soothes The Soul — Boise, ID Circa 1999

I felt my hand-colored work had merit and hoped to ply the method for lucrative commercial clients. In one such effort, I set my sights on Reverend Guitars. At the time, I was acquainted with their local sales rep. He was willing to act as my go-between.

God bless my brother Brian, who’s always been willing to cooperate with my schemes. He agreed to model, the local costume shop happened to have the proper attire, and the old Boise Depot served as a perfect location. My clever idea had come together.

This was very early in the digital age of photography, and well before I made that transition. Before I could do any coloring, I had to spend several hours in the darkroom to develop the film and make silver gelatin prints.

Some weeks later, Paul — or whatever his name was — left for the NAMM trade show in LA with my dreams and creation in hand. What he didn’t leave with was a clear idea of my expectations. My mistake.

While we met for coffee upon his return, the original, one-of-a-kind artwork was somewhere between LA and Detroit. My goal was to make Reverend Guitars aware of my work and hopefully open a dialogue. I didn’t intend to gift them the print, and the letter requesting its return was ignored.

Oh well, with any luck, it hangs in a place of prominence at Reverend HQ.. 

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