Light & Shadow #32

Car Show — Moscow, ID Circa 1978

An amazing thing, the automobile.

If not for discovering that a round object worked well for mobility, we would still be walking. Or, at best, riding a quadruped to compress time and space.

Alas, the discovery of the wheel was just the beginning. That same ingenuity would conclude that a box atop four wheels and hooked to a horse would improve the utility of carriage. In 1886, Carl Benz took things a step further and applied to patent his ‘vehicle powered by a gas engine’. My hat goes off to Benz, Louis Chevrolet, Henry Ford, Ferdinand Porsche, and so many others for what they started.

An amazing thing, the automobile.

As a kid, I looked forward to the unveiling of new cars and visits to the dealerships each fall. It seems that make, model, and year were more easily identifiable then than they are now. The same design cues show up across the board.

On my 16th birthday, dad summoned me to his office. Where I usually saw his car sat a ’68 Impala SS. If I could make the payments, it was mine. Happy birthday to me!

I never think of friends from back then without some connection to cars. Jim and his Roadrunner. Marsh and his Galaxy 500. Rags and his Corvette. Dave and his Z28. Not much has changed.

How funny that I would be writing about cars right now — my son offered his 911 for the weekend.

You can guess what I’m doing!

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