LIght & Shadow #21

Track Meet — University of Idaho Moscow, ID Circa 1980

The obvious picture from any sports event would be of the action, but the better opportunities often lie on the periphery.

On a chilly spring day, these boys helped a U of I track athlete keep things loose before his race. I was struck by the graphic elements — the lane markers, numbers, and starting blocks. They compliment the the activity and complete the story. I’d have looked for someplace to lay down that was more comfortable than the track, but had the runner done so there would be no picture.

I went out for track in the 7th grade. I’m not exactly sure why — I’ve never been that keen on running, nor did I have the propensity for any of the field events. I only remember ‘performing’ in one meet where I ran the 220 and came in third out of three contestants.

I hit my prime in the 3-legged sack race at the country school field day.

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