Light & Shadow #20

Bovine Love — Latah County Fair Moscow, ID Circa 1977

The hardest part of making pictures for the front page every day was finding them. The county fair each fall made the task a piece of cake. All you had to do was step on the grounds — there was a photo somewhere.

This young woman spent a year raising her FFA project steer. It was no small responsibility, and the sadness that her friend was going from hoof to someone’s table is written all over her face.

I  respect her commitment and would guess the bovine even had a name

The years of my childhood spent on the farm included the yearly menagerie — a small herd of feeder calves, a half dozen hogs, and a huge barn full of chickens. They were just part of the greater whole of farm life.

Thank you for the nourishment, Drum Stick, Pork Chop, and T Bone.

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