Light & Shadow #19

The Goose Hunter — Near Lake Lowell Nampa, ID Circa 1984

There are outdoor activities, and then there are outdoor activities that test your mettle. Goose hunting may not be as extreme as some, but it’s no day at the beach, either.

Lake Lowell is home to the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge and therefore attractive to waterfowl. No pun intended, but migrating Canada Geese flock to the area by the thousands.

They are safe on the refuge and seem to know it, but crafty hunters like this one set out decoys in fields nearby and watch the skies for an incoming wedge. It’s a waiting game, hunkered down in a ditch hidden from view, but not from the icy winds of winter.

The nastier the weather is, the better the hunting.

The snows that blew in on this early December day, along with many storms after, would be on the ground until spring. As I drove around the countryside, I saw this hunter walking through his decoys, shouldering the results for the day.

Mmm. Smoked goose with just a touch of hot mustard. Tasty!

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