What, Me Blog?!

I would never have considered such a thing, but as it turns out I almost enjoy it. Stranger still, I’ve been encouraged by others to write more — apparently, they enjoy some of what I have to say.

Years ago I found a book titled the Master Key System by Charles Haanel. More than a self-help book, it is a course of study that reveals the connection between mind and circumstance. In a nutshell, As within, so without. I resonated with what it taught but ultimately didn’t finish my studies.

Though I’m retired, business interests caused me to pick up Haanel’s book again. Shortly thereafter I got an email promoting a unique online course called the Master Key Experience. One of the requirements of the 6-month course was to write weekly blogs.

So I did. Fulfilling the requirement to write about the course led to an unexpected outcome — to blog about photographs from my years as a photojournalist and create a coffee table book as a memoir.

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