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My peaceful life of Liberty

I’ve been on the planet for nearly seven decades. When I look at my life today, I have much to be grateful for and a few things to be proud of. Still, I have a deep desire to keep going — there is much more I’d like to do.

Years ago I found a book titled the Master Key System by Charles Haanel. More than a self-help book, it is a course of study that reveals the connection between mind and circumstance. In a nutshell, As within, so without. I resonated with what it taught but ultimately didn’t finish my studies.

Though I’m retired, business interests caused me to pick up Haanel’s book again. As they say, God works in mysterious ways — shortly thereafter I got an email promoting a unique online course.

It was a great blessing to have found the Master Key Experience. The opportunity to integrate the truth of Haanel and others with structure and mentorship is worth its weight in gold! One of the requirements of the 6-month course was to write weekly blogs.

What, me blog?

I would never have considered such a thing, but as it turns out I rather enjoy it. Stranger still, I’ve been encouraged by others to write more — apparently, they enjoy some of what I come up with.

I invite you to follow my journey with the MKE and share my love for B&W photography through the Light & Shadow blogs which feature images from my days as a photojournalist.

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